Empowering Young Minds: Unleash Confidence, Self-Belief, and Embrace Inner Magic!

At Awakened Kids, we’re on a mission to guide children and young minds worldwide toward a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We believe in nurturing the radiant happiness that resides within each child, helping them realise just how extraordinary they truly are.

Our tailored approach includes private coaching for children, group courses, events, and retreats designed to nurture self-compassion, empathy, and a profound connection to their unique energetic capabilities.

Through transformative practices such as meditation, energetic practices, yoga, and creativity, we equip children with the tools to navigate life with confidence and resilience. By fostering a genuine connection to their well-being and spirituality, we empower them to embrace their true selves and flourish in this awe-inspiring world.

Join us in awakening the inner magic of every child, guiding them to shine brightly and thrive as confident, compassionate, and resilient individuals for life. Together, let’s begin a journey of self-discovery, wonderment, and boundless possibilities with Awakened Kids!


higher self energy challenge for kids

Awaken Your Superpowers and Journey to the Ultimate Universe!

Kids are you READY for a Divine Challenge in the Higher Self FUNHOUSE?!? Unlock the power of your imagination, tap into the vibrant energy of your higher self, and embark on an extraordinary adventure like no other! This captivating course is specifically designed to ignite the spark within children and guide them on a transformative journey of Higher Self-discovery and MAGIC.

FUNHOUSE Higher Self Energy Challenge is more captivating than a computer game, more exciting than the fun fair and takes children on a mission to gain true Higher Self connection whilst uncovering their limitless imaginations and very own Energetic SUPERPOWERS.

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1:1 Private Confidence and Capabilities Coaching for Children

Enabling children to nurture themselves and shine from inside out.

Enchanted Energy and Emotions to Escape Anxiety

Supporting children to identify, and navigate through negative feelings.

Colour, Light & Sound Experience For Kids

SPECTRAM Energy reminds Children of all the GOODNESS that is available to them in life.

client love

She not only helped me to get to know my spiritual guides but helped me to develop a bond with them also. Tesha helped me to overcome my anxiety of going to college which I am very grateful for, and I doubt I would be able to get this far without her!

Since my daughter has worked Tesha, her confidence has improved, she’s no longer feeling angry and I have not seen less episodes of anxiety. After her Private Coaching sessions with Tesha, I would see my daughters energy and face lit up.

Nekiesha Williams

Tesha has been a great help in teaching Lilly to love herself, she loves meditation where she meets her animal guides, she loves learning different movement and it’s really helped her gain confidence in herself.

Laura Jones 

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As a little girl, I always saw the world through such magical eyes and loved being creative! Cutting, sticking along with playing, and making a mess made me so happy! With a love for dance, Sundays were often spent creating routines and singing along to every word, that was fun for me and at the time I had no idea that this was all part of my soul’s purpose!

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