Kids STRESS SOS is an interactive self-study course designed by children’s spiritual mentor and Founder Tesha Matthew to support children who are experiencing anxiety to feel supported and to learn to self-regulate their emotions through enchanted energy practices and engaging activities.

Filled with High Vibration Kids Stress SOS offers a holistic alternative to support children to use child friendly spiritual techniques along with imagination energy to break free from stress and to radiate happiness from within.

Does your child…

  • Show emotional and/or physical signs of stress and worry
  • Have negative behaviour and outbursts
  • Feel anxious about going to school
  • Struggle to fit in and/or have regular disagreements with friends
  • Find it difficult to express why they feel unhappy

Kids Stress SOS with Tesha Matthew will guide your child through eight enchanted modules to enable them to take ownership for their own wellbeing and to take positive steps forward to feel the true happiness they truly deserve.

Change can happen fast for children

Imagine after Eight Short Enchanted Modules your child was able to..

  • Understand why they feel bad
  • Help themselves to feel better
  • Feel happier and more confident within themselves
  • Have a SOS toolkit of strategies to understand and manage their emotions
  • Let go of anxiety and start enjoying life.

Every Child Deserves to Feel Happy

eight magical modules

✔ Eight Enchanted Kids Stress SOS Modules

✔ Kids Stress SOS Workbook Including: Activities and Tasks

✔ Parent Access to Awakened Kids Stress SOS Facebook Community

✔ Bonus Kids Energy Practices and Spiritual Techniques

✔ Parent Masterclass’s and Q&A Opportunities with Tesha Matthew

**This course has been designed for children from Key Stage 2 upwards but is still accessible for younger children however they may need additional support from a parent/ carer and for tasks to be adapted and explained more simply.

Taken on a fairy-tale-like quest through eight magical Stress SOS modules infused with imagination energy:

Once Upon a Time…

Children are introduced to Stress SOS Guided by Tesha Matthew who will lead them through a quest of eight magic filled modules to positive wellbeing

Forest Fear-free

Children enter Forest Fear-free where they can connect to pure positive energy to soothe anxiety and release negative emotions.

Panic Potion

Children learn to use the Panic Potion to help them to calm down stress, regulate emotions and feel instant balance in any moment of worry.

Help for Heroines and Hero’s

Children experience asking their Higher Self for help to work through unhappiness and learn how to turn a bad day to a beautifully brilliant day.

Forty Winks Wonderland

Children will be cocooned in the most loving energy to soothe and settle nightmares whilst sending them off into a sleepy nurturing wonderland

Magical Mornings

Children will learn to set desires and wishes for a good day and to use miraculous mirror work as they are getting ready for school.

Worry Write-away

Children will understand how to write away their worries and dream day journal or vision board towards all of their hopes, desires and ambitions for future.

Happily Ever After….

Children walk away with a very special spiritual surprise to support them in any moment to feel confident to manage their own negative emotions.

**Recommended as wellbeing tool which is suitable and inclusive for all children and specifically to support children identified with special educational needs.

client love

I have been attending my sessions for some months now and let me be clear with something: I have never met anyone better than my mentor! She not only helped me to get to know my spiritual guides but helped me to develop a bond with them also. Tesha helped me to overcome my anxiety of going to college which I am very grateful for, and I doubt I would be able to get this far without her!


We have been struggling with Bella’s sleep for a long time. She falls asleep fairly easily, albeit with extended mummy cuddles, but sometimes wakes with intense episodes of shouting, screaming and distress. 

I could not have imagined the starkness and speed of the Change I have witnessed. After one week and one session together, Bella’s sleep is already so different.

I was blown away that after one session, Tesh was able to forge such a lovely connection with Bella – and she did this online! Today they were painting and smiling together. Although she was reticent at first, I can tell Bella really loves spending time with Tesh.

Bryony Tilley 


She helps me a lot, I love the way she smiles when she is listening to me. She makes me feel comfortable when I am at the session and she guides me to a colourful life. I thought it was impossible but now I see this wonderful gift, it’s God and all the people around me!!


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