Meet Tesha Matthew

As a little girl, I viewed the world through enchanted eyes, finding pure joy in creativity and playful chaos!

Whether it was cutting, sticking, or crafting whimsical dance routines on lazy Sundays, I revelled in every moment, unaware that these activities were guiding me toward my true purpose.

Flash forward to the culmination of my BA Hons Dance Degree in 2007, where the prospect of my next career move filled me with a delightful mix of excitement and trepidation. Leafing through the pages of the Leicester Mercury Newspaper (back when the internet wasn’t as ubiquitous), I stumbled upon a job listing for a Dance Teacher at a local secondary school. The butterflies in my stomach danced in anticipation as I embraced the opportunity, despite lacking formal teaching qualifications. To my astonishment, I not only landed the job but also embarked on a journey to obtain full teaching certification.

In 2018, I ventured into a new chapter as the director of LOA Twins Ltd, alongside my twin sister, mentoring female entrepreneurs worldwide on the principles of the Law of Attraction and business strategies. While deeply fulfilled by this endeavour, my heart still yearned for the magic of working with children.

Enter Awakened Kids—an idea born from a longing to empower and uplift young hearts. With no prior promotion or even a website, I began attracting children from all corners of the globe for 1:1 coaching sessions. These encounters, filled with anxious whispers and hopeful dreams of change, ignited a spark within me, propelling me to create something truly extraordinary.

Now, I am thrilled to have a team of trained coaches by my side, ready to execute all the magic for children. Together, we are poised to embark on a journey of transformation and discovery alongside even more children seeking change. Whether through Children’s Made of Magic Private Coaching, courses, workshops, or retreats, I am here to guide, support, and inspire. Together, let’s unleash the magic within and create a wonderful world filled with endless possibilities!

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Qualifications and Training

BA Honours Dance Degree

Qualified Teacher Status

Teacher Training in Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness

Children’s Safeguarding Training

DBS Checked

First Aid Trained